Blake Faucette

If it needs to be filmed, Blake is the man for the job. He oversees the entire production process surrounding concept, storyboarding, shooting, producing, directing and editing. Blake has led the charge on varying projects such as corporate training videos, documentaries, and music videos. With 10 years under his belt, Blake has established himself within the world of videography by working with Target, Levi Strauss, Adobe Systems, Microsoft Windows, Dell, Tribunal Records, N.C. State University and Energy X Productions (Sobe, Vitamin Water, Swish, and The goals and vision of his clients always come first, which solidifies Blake’s infallible reputation.

Blake Faucette

Personal motto:

Life's an adventure

Fun Fact:

Blake and his team won the Vimeo Award for “Best Series” in 2012 for the documentary web series following Tim LaFollette and his battle with ALS titled “Often Awesome.” You can check it out here

The one moment at work that makes your day/week:

Seeing a finished product that I'm proud to share with others.

Dream Car:

1971 Plymouth Barracuda